JCGG Symposia

The 6th Symposium of Japanese Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Integration of Glycoscience and Beyond
-Researches based on free ideas and innovative approaches-
December 3 - 4, 2008 Tokyo Conference Center (Shinagawa)
program December 3 (Wednesday), 2007
9:20-9:30 Opening Address
Yoshitaka Nagai (President, JCGG)
9:30-10:50 Invited Lectures
Chairperson : Naoyuki Taniguchi (RIKEN)

Nuclear protein transport and its significance to cell function
Yoshihiro Yoneda (Osaka University)

How Sweet it is: applying new glycomics technologies to identify stem cell and cancer markers
Michael Pierce (UGA Cancer Cent)
10:50-11:10  Coffee Break
Role of Glycans in Intracellular Events

Chairperson :
Yasuyuki Igarashi (Hokkaido University)
Kenji Yamamoto (Kyoto University)
11:10-12:30 ◊ Quality Control and Metabolism of Glycocojugates

The biological function of glycosphingolipids: Lessons learnt from the knockout mice of the glycosphingolipid metabolism related genes.
Junko Matsuda (Tokai University)

Protective effect of GnT-III on β-amyloid production in Alzheimer's disease
Hiroshi Manya (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)

Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) quality control of glycoproteins by ER lectins
Nobuko Hosokawa (Kyoto University)

Catabolic Pathway for free N-glycans
Tadashi Suzuki (RIKEN)
12:30-13:40 JCGG Lunchon Seminer 1 (Shimadz Co.)
New chemical methods for selective protein labeling
Tadashi Hamachi (Kyoto University)
Chairperson :
Yoshifumi Jigami (AIST)
Taro Kinoshita (Osaka University)
13:40-15:00 ◊ Protein Transport and Glycosylation

Specificity of lectins involved in quality control of glycoproteins
Kazuo Yamamoto (University of Tokyo)

Role of glycosylation in the production of recombinant glycoproteins through the secretory pathway of yeast cells
Kaoru Takegawa (Kyushu University)

Acidification of Golgi apparatus by GPHR, a novel anion channel, is critical for glycosylation
Yusuke Maeda (Osaka University)

Regulation mechanisms of glycosylation
Satoshi Goto (Mitsubishi KagakuInstitute of Life Science)
15:00-15:20  Coffee Break
New Waves in Glycoscience I

Chairperson :
Reiji Kannagi (Aichi Cancer Center)
Katsuko Yamashita (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
15:20-16:40 ◊ Functions of Unusual forms of Glycosylation

Roles of the monosaccharide O-fucose modification of Notch in Notch signaling
Kenji Matsuno (Tokyo University of Science)

New functions of polysialic acid
Chihiro Sato (Nagoya University)

Biological functions of C-mannosylation in cell signaling
Yoshito Ihara (Wakayama Medical University)

Molecular mechanism of photoreceptor synapse formation by a novel extra cellular matrix protein pikachurin
Takahisa Furukawa (Osaka Bioscience Institute)
17:00-19:00  Banquet
program December 4 (Thursday), 2008
New Waves in Glycoscience II

Chairperson :
Makoto Kiso (Gifu University)
Ken Kitajima (Nagoya University)
9:30-11:10 ◊ Interface of Biology and Chemistry

Synthesis and biofunction of innate immunostimulating glycoconjugates from bacteria
Yukari Fujimoto (Osaka University)

Synthetic N-glycans for quantitative analysis of calreticulin
Ichiro Matsuo (Gumma University)

Structural glycobiology for understanding of glycan functions
Yoshiki Yamaguchi (RIKEN)

Analysis of N-Glycan Structure from a pmol Level of Glycoprotein
Kazuhiro Ikenaka (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)

Introduction to data mining techniques applied to glycan structure analysis
Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka University)
11:10-11:30  Coffee Break
Role of Glycans in Extracellular Events

Chairperson :
Tasturo Irimura (University of Tokyo)
Koji Kimata (Aichi Medical University)
11:30-14:20 ◊ Roles of Glycans on Extracellular Matrices

Mechanism of the neuritogenic activity of chondroitin sulfate chains
Hiroyuki Kitagawa (Kobe Pharmaceutical University)

Biological roles of highly sulfated chondroitin sulfate in cancer
Shuhei Yamada (Hokkaido University)

Function of proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix
Hideto Watanabe (Aichi Medical University)
12:30-13:40 JCGG Lunchon Seminer 2 (Seikagaku Biobusiness Co.)

Roles of tumor cell surface heparan sulfate proteoglycans in metastasis
Kayoko Oguri (Nagoya Medical Center)
  Heparanase regulates immune cell function
Nobuaki Higashi (University of Tokyo)

Carbohydrate Ligands for Selectins and Cell Extravasation
Kenji Uchimura (National Center for Geriatrics and Geronrology)
Chairperson :
Koichi Furukawa
(Nagoya University)
Shoko Nishihara
(Soka University)
14:20-15:00 ◊ Role of Glycans on Cell Surface Glycoconjugates

New dimensions of Siglec research
Takashi Angata (AIST)

Role of sulfatide in replication of influenza A virus
Takashi Suzuki (Shizuoka University)
15:00-15:20  Coffee Break
  Crucial role of O-glycosylation on herpes simplex virus infection
Hisashi Arase (Osaka University)

Molecular recognition and signaling mechanisms for bacterial peptidoglycan and fungal beta-1,3-gucan in insects
Lee Bok Luel (Pusan National University)

N-glycan-based regulation of integrin- mediated cell adhesion
Gu Jianguo (Tohoku Pharmaceutical University)

N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase-4a sustains glucose sensor function in pancreatic β cells in normal physiological contexts.
Kazuaki Ohtsubo (University of Occupational and Environmental Health)
16:40-16:50 Closing Remarks