JCGG Symposia

The 9th Symposium of Japanese Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Establishing a Cuttingedge International Research Center Aiming for the Integrated Development of Glycoscience
November 24 - 25, 2011 Toyota auditorium (Nagoya University)
program November 24(Thursday), 2011
9:30-9:35 Opening Address
Koichi Furukawa (Symposium Chiar, Nagoya University)
9:35-9:45 Greetings from JCGG Chirperson
Toshisuke Kawasaki (Organizing Chiar, Ritsumeikan University)
Chairperson :
Naoyuki Taniguchii
Ken Kitajima (Nagoya University)
9:45-11:00 ◊ Establishing a Cuttingedge International Research Center Aiming for the Integrated Development of Glycoscience

About the activity of Science Council of Japan to life science
Masayuki Yamamoto (Science Council of Japan)
Toshiyuki Inazu (Tokai University)

Activity of the fundamental medicine committee of Science Council of Japan
Naoyuki Taniguchi
Takashi Angata (RIKEN)

Establishing a Cuttingedge International Research Center Aiming for the Integrated Development of Glycoscience
Koichi Furukawa (Nagoya University)
Soichi Wakatsuki (KEK)
Koichi Kato (NINS)

Post-doctoral fellows and non-tenure track assistant professors in the field of life science
Takashi Angata (RIKEN)
11:00-11:15  Break
Chairperson :
Ryuzo Ueda (Nagoya City University)
Koichi Furukawa (Nagoya University)
11:15-12:20 ◊ Deployment to creation of an antibody drug

The present condition of development of an antibody therapy
Ryuzo Ueda (Nagoya City University)

Isolation of useful human antibodies through construction of phage antibody libraries
Yoshikazu Kurosawa (Fujita Health University)

Transgenic chickens expressing galactosyltransferase produce galactosylated pharmaceutical proteins into egg white
Shinji Iijima (Nagoya University)
12:20-13:30  Lunch
Chairperson :
Ryuzo Ueda
(Nagoya City University)
Koichi Furukawa (Nagoya University)
13:30-14:45 Rolecs of glycans in interaction between IgG and Fcγ receptor III
Koichi Kato (NINS)

An antibody cancer therapy targeting CCR4 from Japan
Takashi Ishida (Nagoya City University)

An innovative therapeutic antibody, tocilizumab for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Yoshiyuki Ohsugi (Chugai Co.)
14:45-15:00  Break
Chairperson :
Toshiyuki Inazu
(Tokai University)
Hideharu Ishida (Gifu University)
15:00-16:15 ◊ The design of the material of glycomedicine

Development of the molecular probe that discriminates a specific structure of glycosaminoglycans
Tomio Yabe (Gifu University)

Synthesis and biological activities of sialidase-resistant Ganglioside GM3 analogues
Go Hirai (RIKEN)

DDS of triple-helical complex composed of glycan and nucleic acid
Kazuo Sakurai (University of Kitakyushu)

Proteoliposome engineering for drug delivery system
Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)
16:55-17:40 Specual Lecture
Chairperson´╝ÜKoji Kimata (Aichi Medical University)

A day in cyanobacteria timed by clock protein KaiC
Takao Kondo (Nagoya Universisty)
18:00-19:30  Banquet
program November 25 (Friday), 2011
Chairperson :
Makoto Ito (Kyushu University)
Haruko Ogawa (Ochanomizu University)
9:30-11:10 ◊ Development to systems glycobiology

Allorecognition and its cellular response in ascidian fertilization
Hitoshi Sawada (Nagoya University)

How animals sense the spring: Glycosylation of springtime hormone
Takashi Yoshimura (Nagoya University)

Hydroxyproline arabinosylation in plant peptide hormones
Yoshikatsu Matsubayashi (NIBB)

Amor, a novel signaring molecule of flowering plants required for capcitation of the pollen tube, and its relation with sugar chains
Tetsuya Higashiyama (Nagoya University)
11:10-11:25  Break
11:25-12:10 Specual Lecture
Chairperson´╝ÜToshisuke Kawasaki (Ritsumeikan University)

Structural basis for gibberellin recognition by its receptor, GID1
Makoto Matsuoka (Nagoya Universisty)
12:10-13:30  Lunch
Chairperson :
Shogo Oka (Kyoto University)
Chihiro Sato (Nagoya University)
13:30-15:10 ◊ Formation of a neural network, its reorganization and a degeneration

Molecular mechanism underlying axon formation
Shinichi Nakamuta (Nagoya University)

Molecular mechanisms of neuronal growth cone navigation by nerve growth factor
Hiroki Akiyama (RIKEN)

Neural stem cell stemness is regulated by unique LewisX-synthesizing α1,3-fucosyltransferase
Seiji Hitoshi (NIPS)

The enhancement of protein degradation systems exerts therapeutic effects in the polyglutamine-mediated motor neuron disease
Hiroaki Adachi (Nagoya University)
15:10-15:30  Break
Chairperson :
Hiroyuki Kitagawa
(Kobe pharmaceutical University)
Shinobu Kitazume (RIKEN)
15:30-17:10 The role of keratan sulfate in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Tomohiro Ohgomori (Nagoya University)

Gangliosides are essential for regulation of inflammation and neurodegeneration
Yusuke Ohmi (Nagoya University)

Neuron-glia-glycanic interactions for synaptic plasticity
Wataru Kakegawa (Keio University)

Sulfation patterns of chondroitin sulfate regulate neuronal plasticity
Shinji Miyata (Kobe Pharmaceutical University)
17:10-17:20 Closing Remarks
Kenji Kadomatsu (Organizer, Nagoya University)