JCGG Symposia

The 10th Symposium of Japanese Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Integration of Glycoscience and Beyond
November 29-30, 2012 Tokyo Conference Center (Shinagawa)
program November 29 (Thursday), 2012
17:00-17:05 Opening Address
Yukishige Ito (Organizing Chiar, RIKEN)
17:05-17:15 Greetings from organizer
Toshisuke Kawasaki (JCGG Chair, Ritsumeikan University)
Chairperson :
Hisashi Narimatsu
17:15-18:00 Specual Lecture
Unlock the secret of life with chemical compounds
Hiroshi Handa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
18:00-18:10  Break
Chairperson :
Akemi Suzuki (Tokai University)
18:10-18:55 Specual Lecture
Mechanism and regulation of ATP synthase
Masasuke Yoshida (Kyoto Sangyo University)
program November 30 (Friday), 2012
Chairperson :
Tamao Endo (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)
9:30-10:45 ◊  Session 1

Synthesis based multiplexed approaches in glycoscience
Yukishige Ito (RIKEN)

Analyses of function of N-linked glycans in the ER using with a high mannose-type glycan library
Akira Seko (JST)

Elucidation of the Recognition Mechanism of Folding Sensor Enzyme UGGT by Chemically Synthesized Intentionally Misfolded Glycoprotein
Masayuki Izumi, Yasuhiro Kajihara (Osaka University)
10:45-10:55  Break
10:55-11:45 Challenge to cellular glycan synthesis based on organic and analytical chemistry
Osamu Kanie (Tokai University)

Exploring the “life” of glycans
Tadashi Suzuki (RIKEN)
11:45-12:00  Break
12:00-12:45 JCGG Lunchon Seminer (Shimazu, Co.)
Chairperson :
Naoyuki Taniguchi (RIKEN)

Energy Resolved Oxonium Ion Monitoring (Erexim) technology for the analysis of N-glycan microheterogeneity on
therapeutic antibodies
Koji Ueda (RIKEN)
12:45-13:10  Break
Chairperson :
Osamu Kanie
(Tokai University)
13:10-14:50 ◊  Session 2

β-Glycosylation Using 3, 6-O-(o-Xylylene)-Bridged Axial-Rich Glucosyl Fluoride
Hidetoshi Yamada (Kwansei Gakuin University)

Challenges in Glycosylation: Viewpoints of Organic Chemistry
Toshiki Nokami (Kyoto University)

Synthesis and biological evaluation of β-glucan oligosaccharides
Hiroshi Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Ganglioside synthesis oriented to the elucidation of functional mesoscopic domains in the cell membrane
Hiromune Ando (Gifu University)
14:50-15:10  Break
Chairperson :
Yukishige Ito
15:10-17:15 ◊  Session 3

Conformational flexibility of N-glycans in solution and its role on
molecular recognition
Yuji Sugita, Wataru Nishima, Suyong Re (RIKEN)

Systems Chemical Biology: Integration of Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics
Yasushi Okuno (Kyoto University)

Crystal structures of 1,3-1,4-α-L-fucosidase that specifically recognizes Lewis a/x antigens
Shinya Fushinobu (University of Tokyo)

Cell growth modulation through C-mannosylated peptides
Yoshito Ihara (Wakayama Medical University)

Glycobiology in the field of aging research
Tamao Endo (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology)
17:15-17:25 Closing Remarks