JCGG Symposia

The 13th Symposium of Japanese Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Glycoscience in next-generation life science
October 19-20, 2015 Winc Aichi (Nagoya)
program October 19 (Monday), 2015
9:30-9:40 Greetings from JCGG President
Naoyuki Taniguchi (RIKEN)
9:40-9:50 Opening Address of organizer
Koichi Kato (Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience)
Chairperson :
Yoshiki Yamaguchi
09:50-11:05 ◊  Session 1

Exploration, creation, and development of dynamic ordering of biomolecular systems
Koichi Kato (Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience)

Structural analysis by electron microscopy from molecular to cell
Kazuyoshi Murata (National Institute for Physiological Science, NINS)

Dynamics of exo-type cellulases explored by single-molecule imaging analysis
Ryota Iino (Institute for Molecular Science, NINS)
11:05-11:20  Break
                   Industry-Academia Joint Seminar
11:20-12:10 Promega Corporation

Bioluminescent glycosyltransferase assays: New nucleotide detection tools for glycobiology research
Hicham Zegzouti (Promega Co.)

A novel assay system for glycosyltransferase activity and its application for high-throughput analysis
Yasuhiko Kizuka (RIKEN)
12:10-12:20  Break
12:20-13:20 JCGG Luncheon Seminar (Nihon Waters K.K)
Multi-dimentional structural analysis of antibody drug by mass spectrometry
Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka University)
13:20-13:30  Break
Chairperson :
Koichi Kato
(Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience)
13:30-15:10 ◊  Session 2

Clustering and functions of cell surface receptor proteins
Yasushi Sako (RIKEN)

Spatiotemporal control of transport vesicle formation from the endoplasmic reticulum
Ken Sato (Tokyo University)

Development and application of siRNA modified with acyclic artificial nucleic acid
Yukiko Kamiya (Nagoya University)

Dynamic ordering and biologically-relevant functions of well-defined sugar clusters
Sota Sato (Tohoku University)
15:10-15:25  Break
Chairperson :
Koichi Furukawa
(Chubu University)
15:25-17:05 ◊  Session 3

Roles of membrane microdomain-localized glycans in fertilization
Ken Kitajima (Nagoya University)

Spatial distribution and function of Wnt proteins regulated by specifically modified heparan sulfate proteoglycans
Shinji Takada (Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience)

Calcium dynamics in organogenesis
Naoto Ueno (National Institute for Basic Biology)

Alterration in lipid composition of synaptic plasma membranes responsible for region-specific amyloid deposition in human brain
Katsuhiko Yanagisawa (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)
17:05-17:20  Break
Chairperson :
Koichi Kato
(Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience)
17:20-18:05 Special Lecture I
Innate lymphoid cells and inflammation
Shigeo Koyasu (RIKEN)
program October 20 (Tuesday), 2015
Chairperson :
Shogo Oka
(Kyoto University)
10:00-11:40 ◊  Session 4

Prenatal stress causes loss of GABAergic interneurons and perineuronal nets in the cerebral cortex of postnatal mice
Atsuo Fukuda (Hamamatu University Schhol of Medicine)

Proteoglycans modulate functions of axon guidance protein, Draxin
Yohei Shinmyo (Tokyo University)

Involvement of various types of glycosylation in neuronal migration during the development of cerebral cortex
Takeshi Kawauchi (Keio University)

Physiological function of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan of receptor of receptor-type tyrosine phosphatase zeta(PTPRZ) as a potential drug target
Akihiro Fujikawa (National Institute for Basic Biology)
11:40-11:55  Break
11:55-12:55 JCGG Luncheon Seminar (Sysmex Corporation)
Glycobiology of silkworm (Bmbyx mori) toward glyco-engineering
Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka University)
12:55-13:10  Break
Chairperson :
Kenji Kadomatsu
(Nagoya University)
13:10-13:55 Special Lecture Ⅱ
Cellular signaring underlying higher grain functions including emotion and memory
Kozo Kaibuchi (Nagoya University)
13:55-14:10  Break
Chairperson :
Kazuhiro Ikenaka
(National Institute for Physiological Sciences)
14:10-15:50 ◊  Session 5

A role of brain specific branched O-mannose on glia assembly
Shinobu Kitazume (RIKEN)

Sulfated N-glycans regulate myelination in the peripheral nervous system
Takeshi Yoshimura (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)

Regulation of synaptic functions; involvement of diffusible and adherent factors
Shuichi Koizumi (Yamanashi University)

Microglial regulation of neural circuits activity
Hiroaki Wake (National Institute for Physiological Sciences)
15:50-16:00 Closing Remarks