JCGG Symposia

The 15th Symposium of Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Expanding of Glycoscience Research: From basic and applied biology to health and medical applications
October 26-27, 2017
at Centennial Hall of Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University (Fukuoka)
Program on October 26 (Thur), 2016
Opening Address
Daisuke Kohda (Kyushu University)
Keynote Speech
Glycoscience road map in Japan
Naoyuki Taniguchi (JCGG President)
Chair : Kaoru Takekawa, Takane Katayama
◊  Session 1 :Interactions through Glycan Chains between Microbes and Higher Organisms

Biological roles of pyruvic acid-containing oligosaccharides in microorganisms
Kaoru Takekawa (Kyushu University)

Symbiosis and co-evolution between humans and bifidobacteria, driven by human milk oligosaccharides
Takane Katayama (Kyoto University)

Structure-function relationships of a new family of β-mannosyltransferases from Candida pathogenic yeasts
Yann Guérardel (Université de Lille)
Chair : Sho Yamasaki, Daisuke Kohda
◊  Session 2 :Complex Glycans and Infection

Fungal strategies for escaping from host immune system: Novel functions of glycolipid hydrolases
Makoto Ito (Kyushu University)

Complement and inflammasome activation caused by GPI-anchor dysregulation
Taroh Kinoshita (Osaka University)

Glycoconjugates from cell surface: Analysis of their immune balance modulation with chemically synthesized compounds
Yukari Fujimoto (Keio University)

Immune regulation of bacterial glycolipids via C-type lection receptors
Sho Yamasaki (Osaka University)
Industry-Academia Joint Session
An originally developed reagent for highly efficient preparation of exosome and its proteome analysis
Ayako Kurimoto (Miraka Co.)
Special Lecture
The surprising nature of human T cell response to glycolipids
D. Branch Moody (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
Program on October 27 (Fri), 2016
Chair : Yoshimitsu Kakuta, Daisuke Kohda
◊  Session 3 :Glycan-related Proteins and Structure Biology

Integrative structural biology approach to understand the structural and dynamic basis of Asn-glycosylation
Daisuke Kohda (Kyushu University)

Structural diversity of marine invertebrate lections
Tomomitsu Hatakeyama (Nagasaki University)

Structures and mechanisms of glycosyltransferases
Yoshimitsu Kakuta (Kyushu University)
Chair : Yasuo Suda
◊  Session 4 :Sugars, Food and Their Industrial Advances

Cultivation of Okinawamozuku and production of fucoidan
Masahiko Iha (Southproducts Co.)

Production of sugar of high function from starch and its application to food industry
Kazuhiro Yoshinaga (Sanasu Co.) and Junichi Abe (Kagoshima University)

Unbreakable ties between saccharide and shochu
Yumiko Yoshizaki (Kagoshima University)
Luncheon Seminar (sponsored by Shimadzu Co.)

SALSA : A novel derivatization for sialyl linkage isomer discrimination by mass spectrometry
Takashi Nishikaze (Shimadzu Co.)

Ability and possibility of the microchip electrophoresis apparatus “MultiNA” in the analysis of carbohydrate chain
Mitsuhiro Kinoshita (Kinki University)
Chair : Yoshiko Miura
◊  Session 5 :Glycan Nanomedicines

Synthesis and application of sugar chain-immobilized fluorescent nanoparticles
Masahiro Wakao (Kagoshima University)

Polysaccharide-graft copolymers as biofunctional materials
Atsushi Maruyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Synthetic glycopolymers shine at predesigned location: from cancer cell targeting to cell surface engineering
Gaojian Chen (Soochow University)

Glycopolymer nanomedicine by protecting-group-free synthesis
Tomonari Tanaka (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Chair : Kazunari Akiyoshi
◊  Session 6 :Frontiers of Polysaccharide Material Science

Supramolecular materials formed by cyclodextrins
Akira Harada (Osaka University)

Chitin nanofibers from crab shell and its biological properties
Shinsuke Ifuku (Tottori University)

A novel polysaccharide carrier for immunocyte targeting delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides
Kazuo Sakurai and Shinichi Mochizuki (The University of Kitakyushu)
Closing Remarks