JCGG Symposia

The 17th Symposium of Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Prospects of Glycoscience and Glycoengineering
-Variation and Universality of Glycans: Decoding glycan structures and manipulation of functions
October 29 – 30, 2019 at the Main Hall of Shimadzu Corporation Kyoto (Kyoto)
Program on October 29 (Tue), 2019
Opening Address
Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)

President Address
Tamao Endo (JCGG President)
◊  Session 1 : Bird’s-eye View of Glycan Functions
Chair : Koichi Fukase
How to think about origin of saccharides and their recognition in life systems
Jun Hirabayashi (AIST)

Complex carbohydrates and signal transduction
Koichi Furukawa (Chubu University)

General functions of N-glycans on proteins
Yasuhiro Kajihara (Osaka University)

Glycan’s strategies in life: Heterogeneity and field formation
Ken Kitajima (Nagoya University)
Short Presentation of Sponsor Corporations
Chair : Eriko Hagiya
Agilent Technologies, Glyco Technica Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, Toray Research Center, FUSHIMI Pharmaceutical Co., Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Japan Waters Corporation, Fujifilm Wako Pure Chemical Corporation
Luncheon Seminar (sponsored by GlyTech. Inc.)

The science of sugar oxazolines
Shin-ichiro Shoda (Tohoku University)
◊  Session 2 :Synthetic and Analytical Technologies Driving Glycan Research
Chair : Keiko Shimamoto
Leading glycoscience by chemical synthesis
Yukisige Ito (RIKEN)

Addressing a grand challenge in glycan synthesis; Seeking for a method of facile massive synthesis of glycans
Hiromune Ando (Gifu University)
Chair : Katsunori Tanaka
Toward understanding of glycan structure-function relationship
Yoshiki Yamaguchi (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)

Elucidation of glycan function by microscopic observation
Kazuya Kabayama (Osaka University)
Special Lecture
Chair : Koichi Kato
A critical role of carbohydrate structure in the physical chemistry of antibodies
Kouhei Tsumoto (The University of Tokyo)
Special Lecture
Chair : Tamao Endo
Dynamics of function and regulation of the endoplasmic reticulum
Kazutoshi Mori (Kyoto University)
Program on October 30 (Wed), 2019
◊  Session 3 :Frontiers of Material Glycan Science
Chair : Toshiyuki Inazu
Artificial synthesis of human milk oligosaccharides
Shin-ichiro Shoda (Tohoku University)

Visualization of vascular function at cellular and tissue level using 3D tissue model
Yukiko T. Matsunaga (The University of Tokyo)

Trial production vehicle utilizing CNF
Arimitsu Usuki (Koyo University)
◊  Session 4 :Future of Science Covering Glycan-Related Diseases
Chair : Shogo Oka
Genetic disorders related to glycan catabolism
Tadashi Suzuki (RIKEN)

Glycopathology in diabetes
Jin-ichi Inokuchi and Hirotaka Kanoh (Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University)

Cancer and glycosylation
Eiji Miyoshi (Osaka University)
Luncheon Seminar (sponsored by Sumitomo Bakelite Co.)

Development of a novel platform for mucin analysis
Akihiko Kameyama (AIST)
Special Lecture
Chair : Shoko Nishihara
Integrative understanding of life. Why is glycan research important?
Kenji Kadomatsu (Nagoya University)
◊  Session 5 :Frontiers of Extracellular Vesicles or Exosomes Research
Chair : Jun Hirabayashi
Special lecture
The evolutionary history of extracellular vesicles (or exosomes)
Kiyotaka Shiba (Cancer Institute)

Functional analysis of glycans of exosomes in biological responses and control
Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)
Chair : Kazunari Akiyoshi
Characterization of blood exosomes and medical applications
Hiroaki Tateno (AIST)

Exosomes for medical use
Hiroshi Shiku (Mie University)
Closing Remarks
Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)