JCGG Symposia

The 18th Symposium of Japan Consortium for Glycobiology and Glycotechnology

Reboot Glycoscience to Further Height
December 7 – 8, 2021 Online meeting
Program on December 7 (Tue), 2021
Opening Address
Shinya Fushinobu (University of Tokyo)

President Address
Tamao Endo (JCGG President)
◊  Tamio Yamakawa Award Lecture and Award Ceremony
Chair : Tamo Endo (JCGG President)
Kevin P, Campbell (HHMI / University of Iowa)
Structural basis of LARGE 1-mediated elongation of matriglycan on dystroglycan
◊  Session 1 : Let’s Start 2021 Glycobiology
Chair : Tadashi Suzuki (RIKEN)
Regulation of the Notch intercellular signaling pathway by O-glucosylation
Hideyuki Takeuchi (University of Shizuoka)

Development and application of ultra-sensitive glycome analysis method using capillary electrophoresis
Takayuki Kawai (Kyushu University)

Tools and databases in glycoscience
Issaku Yamada (The Noguchi Institute)
◊  Session 2 :Short Presentation of Sponsor Corporations
Chair : Eriko Hagiya
Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., FUSHIMI Pharmaceutical Co.,
Novozymes Japan, Agilent Technologies, GlycoTechnica Ltd.,
and GlyTech Inc.
◊  Session 3 : Glycoscience Expanding from the Discovery of Enzymes
Chair : Kaoru Takegawa (Kyusyu University)
Functional identification of plant glycosyltransferases by reverse biochemistry
Takeshi Ishimizu (Ritsumeikan University)

Discovery of the degradative enzymes for the D-arabinan components of Mycobacterium cell wall.
Kiyotaka Fujita (Kagoshima University)

Discovery of novel phosphorylases and creation of oligosaccharides library
Hiroyuki Nakai (Niigata University)

A consideration from the search history of new starch-related enzymes by old biotechnology
Tomoyuki Nishimoto (HAYASHIBARA CO., LTD)

Program on December 8 (Wed), 2021
◊  Session 4 :Design and Function of Glycan Materials
Chair : Kazunari Akiyoshi (Kyoto University)
Gene delivery system using polysaccharide-based nanoparticles
Toshinori Sato (Keio University)

Preparation and applications of cyclodextrin supramolecular structures
Toshiyuki Kida (Osaka University)

Polysaccharide ester derivatives and their marine biodegradability
Tadahisa Iwata (University of Tokyo)
◊  Session 5 :Industry-Academy-Public Institution Joined Seminar
Chair : Shinya Fushinobu
Separation techniques of supercritical fluid chromatography for study on sphingoglycolipids
Hiroaki Takeda (RIKEN)

Possibilities and the latest technologies of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
Shinnosuke Horie (Shimadzu Corporation)

Studies of syntheses and mass analyses for polysaccharide and glycopeptides
Hiroki Shimizu (AIST)

Glycosylation analysis using benchtop MALDI-MS
Takashi Nishikaze (Shimadzu Corporation)
◊  Session 6 : The Next Generation Created by Glycan Synthesis
Chair : Kiichiro Totani (Seikei University)
Synthesis of useful glycosides utilizing boron-mediated aglycon delivery
Daisuke Takahashi (Keio University)

Carbohydrate research in Tottori University
Toshiki Nokami (Tottori University)

Chemical synthesis of derivatives of arabinofuranoside and its application to the analysis of arabinan degrading enzymes
Akihiro Ishiwata (RIKEN)

A multi-faceted system for differential glycoprotein analysis: toward the "design drawings" of glyco-targets for the highly specific antibody drug development
Atsushi Kuno (AIST)

Development of a glycoproteomics platform for the identification of diagnostic/therapeutic targets for colorectal cancer
Daisuke Takakura (Yokohama City University)

Pharmaceutical application of SKM9-2, a glycopeptide-recognizing antibody
Shoutaro Tsuji (Gunma University Health Welfare)
Closing Remarks
Shinya Fushinobu (University of Tokyo)